Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam review

December 30, 2016


Rating: 2.25/5


Naresh (Allari Naresh) as a fake Swamiji enters the guest house of Gopal (Rajendra Prasad), which is possessed by evil spirits. He succeeds in impressing them and collects good money. But one fine day, Naresh realizes that the ghost is actually after him and is troubling everyone for the same. 

How Naresh dealt the problem and saved everyone from the ghosts, is what forms the rest of Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam. 


Though the comedy is routine, it generated some good smiles in the first half. But the story has no uniqueness. Adding to it, once the twist gets revealed in the second half, the proceedings appear quite tough to bear. There is no comedy in the second half. 

Too many characters enter and exit the screen, with some confused disturbing comedy. Even the climax is routine and ends on a predictable note. 


Allari Naresh once again came up with a promising performance. He makes even the dull scenes interesting, with his identical humor. Rajendra Prasad, Pragati and heroine Mouryani give decent performances, throughout the film. Jabardasth fame Shakalaka Shankar and Chammak Chandra too, evokes good laughs in the theatre.

Sai Karthik’s songs come in as speed breakers to the flow of the narration. Dialogues are humorous throughout and needs good appreciation. Except for the songs part, even the editing is good.   

Director G Nageswara Reddy has done just an average job with the film. Though the subject is routine, he managed to add good doses of comedy in the first half. The film could have been better, if he had handled, even the second half with some quality stuff. 


Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam is a routine horror comedy. If you do not bother about the story and is keen to laugh for some time, watch the film at your nearest theaters.  

By Phani Ch

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