Historic well provides employment

January 31, 2017


The Konda Chelma Bhavi in Nalgonda town is believed to have a history.

Belonging to the Nizam dynasty, the historical well water is identified to be tasty. Officials who found the popularity of this water, are now employing people, only to supply the water to the public in need of it. Currently, around 10 youngsters have been appointed who would supply the water to the huge rush, who would arrive there in the early morning and also evening.

Located near Brahmagiri gutta, the 25 feet depth hillock has been ensuring drinking water for almost 9 months in a year as it would certainly dry up during the summer. As water is discharged into the well from the nearby hillock, it has been named as Konda Chelma Bhavi. 

Md Sajid, one among the youths, who was earning the money by supplying water from the well, said that, everyday he would supply water to around 10 families, charging Rs.20 per tin. 

Upon the special request of the public, as the well is located in an isolated place near hillock, Nalgonda MP Gutha Sukender Reddy has set up a high mast light at the well by spending Rs 56,000 from MPLADS funds.

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