Avoid chicken on Sundays

January 24, 2017


One among the several routine things, people do on Sundays is eating chicken. As cooking it is time taking or call it a rejoicing the holiday, most of the Indians, prefer to go for Chicken only on Sundays. But the Indian history says eating chicken on Sunday is not that good. 

As the name indicates, Sunday is considered as the day of the ‘Sun’ god. All the living beings or in that case, even all the planets are majorly dependant on Sun itself. So it is clearly evident that the Sun is the most powerful god. Even the history tells to stay away from Chicken on the Sunday.

Adding to it, according to the history, the human beings would be more active on Sundays and this is purely the magic of the Sun god. But if the chicken is consumed on Sunday, we are obstructing the positive energy from entering into our bodies.

Going deep into the history, most of the ancient people, never consumed Chicken on Sundays and even its not a holiday. But it was Britishers, who were shocked at the intelligence of the Indians, injected the habit of eating Chicken and also declared holiday on every Sunday, only to surpass their (Indians) intelligence. Indians who were accustomed to this habit, is continuing the same till date.    

But the experts opine that, Sunday has that special power which can be felt only when the human beings stay away from the chicken. So, go get your chicken on Saturday itself and make sure you enjoy it to the fullest one day before. 

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