5 ways to make free WiFi safe

January 23, 2017


Well, you might jump, after finding a free WiFi at your favorite restaurant, movie theatre or any other commercial place. But that’s not really something that should excite you, as it equally carries threats sometimes.

Even if such public WiFi networks have passwords, remember that you are using a network that many others around you are using, which thus indicates that your sensitive details are at risk.

So how can you protect yourselves through the Free WiFi networks like these?

1. Re-Check the WiFi name 

When you are at a coffee shop sipping your favorite drink, and you think of checking your phone for a free WiFi, go and confirm about the true network of the coffee shop, otherwise, you can find several misleading networks, in the name of the coffee shop, you are in.

2. Better to avoid sensitive information

Use the free WiFi only to access something, that could put you in no risk. Completely avoid doing any type of online banking using public network.

3. Select manually 

Turn off automatic connecting option and operate only manually. Turn off sharing and Wi-Fi capabilities when the wireless is not in use, as this cut downs possible avenues for cyber criminals to exploit. 

4. Don’t forget to log out

As its public network, after accessing any media, that requires a password to log in, don’t forget to log out, before leaving the place. Adding to it, never reset passwords with the Free WiFi.

5. Have a look on ‘S’ 

HTTPS encrypts the data passed between your computer and web server (of visiting web sites). If it any normal Google search for a celebrity for food recipes etc, it would not be a big deal. But a special concern should be taken, when browsing emails, or other social media. Several websites do this automatically, but make sure you notice the letter “S” in https. If it disappears, log out immediately, as someone can sniff out your information very easily.

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