Ok Jaanu review & rating

January 13, 2017


Rating: 3/5


Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur), saves Tara (Shraddha Kapoor), while she was about to commit suicide, after fighting with her boyfriend. The duo gets into relation soon. Amidst of their regular quarrels, the couple finds inspiration from the love of an old couple G Shrivastava’s (Naseeruddin Shah) and Charu. The old woman is an Alzheimer’s patient, who often leaves the house and loses her way. Her defect helps Adi and Tara to find love in one another and stay connected throughout the life. Watch Ok Jaanu to know how.


Ok Jaanu has absolutely nothing new to show in terms of the story. It would be on the similar lines of Befikre. Its tough to get convinced, when Adi and Taara gets into relation so soon. 

But the way the Naseeruddin Shah’s character built would be interesting. He is a strict and equally affectionate, who treats his tenants as his children and takes good care of his ill wife. The first half of the film moves pretty fast, but slows down a bit in the second half.

Tara’s relationship with her mother depicts how children get affected when their parents part ways. Though, there are not too many characters in the film, the limited ones itself have been narrated well. 


The Aashiqui 2 couple- Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor recreated the magic they have, in Ok Jaanu too. The perfect chemistry between them, appears adorable on the screen. Naseeruddin Shah is a delight to watch and Leela Samson’s portrayal of an Alzheimer’s patient, brings tears.

Ok Jaanu, Kara Fankara and The Humma song goes well, even in the theatre and even the background score by AR Rehman is great. The production values are decent and editing is just ok, as there are few scenes like the railway station scene, which can be trimmed off, to make the film appear better. Director Shaad Ali should be appreciated for not spoiling the essence of the original and making required additions in the right places.


Ok Jaanu is a bit above than OK.

By Phani Ch

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