Kaabil review & rating

January 25, 2017


Rating: 3/5


Visually impaired couple- Rohan Bhatnager (Hrithik Roshan) and Supriya (Yami Gautam), falls in love and leads a happy life getting married. The twist in the tale occurs, when Supriya gets raped by a baddie. 

Rohan who finds himself in a helpless situation, with the corrupted people around, takes law in hands. How did he overcome the difficulties and went against the one who raped his wife, is what shows the rest of Kaabil.


Though the plot is interesting, the way it is narrated on the screen, is not up to the mark. But whenever the blind Rohan attempts to attack the baddies, whistles can be heard in the theatre. The first half only concentrates on showing the love between the lead pair. It seems, the makers are keen to show only the thrilling bits, and so it appears like the love scenes are just hurried. 

Adding to it, Rohan’s character in the revenge portions is not much detailed and so, the audiences find it tough to own those scenes. But if one least bothers about the logic and concentrates only on scenes, Kaabil would appear impressive.


Hrithik Roshan no doubt is the king of Kaabil. His acting skills as a blind person, is surely going to get him big in the coming days. He even excels in the action scenes. Yami Gautham is decent in her role.

Fortunately, director Sanjay Gupta tried to portray Kaabil only as a commercial thriller and did not try to include any other elements that disturbs the flow. The action sequences are conceived in the best way possible and that makes the second half watchable. The climax is well executed and makes a good enough ending to the film.


The perfect blending of revenge and love makes Kaabil, a decent one time watch.

By Phani Ch

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