Khaidi No 150 review & rating

January 11, 2017


Rating: 3/5


Kaththi Seenu (Chiranjeevi) escapes from jail and plans to leave the country for good. Meanwhile, he comes across an accident and helps Shankar, who is a look a like of him. 

Seenu then sends Shankar to jail in his place and enters the latter's life to earn money. Seenu then realizes that, Shankar is the only one to help the downtrodden farmers of his village. Seenu then pledges to solve all such farmers and in this journey, he had to fight against corporate biggies and the process is what the rest.


As both story and screenplay is anyway readymade, Vinayak managed to follow the same format, without many changes. But keeping in mind, Chiranjeevi's star image, makers had to add commercial elements, which disturbs the flop of the crux. The first half is a fun ride with several breezy episodes. 

The second half, on the other side, goes into a serious mode. The main villain couldn't match up to the star power of the mega star and so his scenes would appear very low. Ram Charan's entry in "Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu" song, is a euphoric moment for the fans. The farmers problems are elevated well, but the solution suggested in the climax appears quite filmy.


You would probably google Chiranjeevi's age after coming back from the theatre, as its absolutely unbelievableto see a 61 year old man, shaking the screen with magical dances, fights, dialogue delivery etc. There are several fan moments in the film, which would make fans go gaga in the theatre. Kajal Agarwal did not get much to expose her acting skills, but she appeared decent in what she was offered. Brahmanandam evokes some quality laughs.

While the songs already waved the internet, the same feel is multiplied by thousands of times with Chiranjeevi's dance movements. Adding to it, even Devi Sri Prasad's background score sounds impressive.

Dialogues about the farmers are on the top notch, Ratnavelu's cinematography is on the next level. Ram Charan's uncompromising attitude can be felt in the rich production values of the film. 

Not only for Chiranjeevi, Khaidi No 150 is a definite comeback moment of Vinayak, who had to face some serious debacles like Akhil, in the recent past. He managed to elevate the mega star, to the best he could and give all his fans a great treat.


Khaidi No 150 is a sure shot commercial entertainer. It may appear as a regular masala movie for others, but is a treat for all the mega fans out there.

By Phani Ch

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