Raees review & rating

January 25, 2017


Rating: 3/5


Raees (Shah Rukh Khan), who starts working under a popular liquor smuggler (Atul Kulkarni) in his early years, raises his own business. A police officer Ambalal Majmudar targets Raees upon witnessing his growth. The cat and mouse race between the duo is what follows the rest.


Raees character is designed with utmost build up and there are several fan moments which make SRK fans go gaga. His gangster character is designed in a great way, but the  same character couldn’t handle the other emotions. Yet, that is not a disappointment as the audience gets hooked to the tight screenplay

In the second half, the script sounds low and adding to it, the heavy dose of heroism also would be intolerable. The stretched climax is another let down in Raees.


Shah Rukh Khan, after a really long time, delivers some top notch performance, in the action drama. He reminds one of the typical SRK in Deewar, Don etc, which brought him immense popularity among the ‘C’ class audience. His anger, his break down and all such emotions would go well with the audience. 

Mahira Khan, on the other hand, fails terribly in emoting the expressions. There was not even a single scene, where her acting skills are appreciable. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the major plus of Raees after SRK. In fact, he even tried to overtake the King Khan in few scenes. 

The background score is good and the songs are decent. The climax could have been trimmed, to make the film appear better. Production values are on the top notch. The makers managed to create the 80s environment perfectly, where they found it necessary.

Director Rahul Dholakia succeeds in making an entertainer that has a confluence of all elements needed to appeal a Bollywood freak. He tried to showcase SRK for what he is best in- negative shade role and also romance.


Raees is a comeback of Deewaar times action packed SRK, which would be a feast to his fans and also goes well with others.

By Phani Ch

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