Luckunnodu review & rating

January 26, 2017


Rating: 2/5


Lucky (Manchu Vishnu)’s father considers his son as unlucky for him. This brings disturbances between the duo, but Lucky continuously tries to impress his dad and get his love. In this regard, Lucky gets a Rs. 25 crores bag from the baddie JK (MVV Satyanarayana).

How did Lucky managed to convince his dad with the cash bag and what are the consequences, he faced in this attempt and where does Hansika surface in this story? Watch Luckkunnodu to know the answers to the questions. 


Manchu Vishnu who gave up action image and hooked up to the comedy scripts, after the success of ‘Dhee’, managed to get decent successes every time. But this time, the formula went completely wrong. The script lacked any clarity and adding to it, poor narration, with the outdated, so called comedy, is only to test the patience of the audience, but nothing else.

There were many unnecessary scenes, that spoils the flow of the film. The predictability in the screenplay is another major let down in Luckkunnodu. Even the climax went for a toss in the flick.  


Manchu Vishnu tried to showcase some good comedy timing, but that did not work well, as the scenes were poorly narrated. Hansika is glamorous and that adds as a major plus to Luckkunnodu. Even the duo’s chemistry worked well for another time.

The songs rank over the background scores. The production values are great and so is the camera work. The dialogues are just ok. Director Raj Kiran tried to add some modern screenplay to the age old script, but all those attempts went vain.


“Luck Lenodu” would be the apt title.

By Phani Ch

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