Sapthagiri express review & rating

December 23, 2016


Rating: 2/5


Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri), wishes to become an actor. But his father Shiva Prasad (Dr. Shiva Prasad) wants to see his son as an IAS officer. But, due to the unexpected turns, Sapthagiri turns a police constable. What are the troubles he faced as a constable and what about his dream of becoming an actor? Watch Sapthagiri Express to know the answers. 


The proceedings are damn slow. It takes a lot of time for the audience to know as to exactly what is the story. In this way, the entire first half goes for a toss. Some scenes featuring Sapthagiri and his friends irritate the audience big time. There is no seriousness in the proceedings as the major negative characters are quite dull. 

The way hero takes his revenge and the manner in which these scenes are showcased are quite over the top. In the second half, a few of the comedy scenes are handled well. Even the scenes, that showcase the tragic lives of constables, have been narrated quite well. 


Sapthagiri has given an above average performance. But his dialogues in Parashurama and Duryodhana get ups are impressive. Heroine Roshni is used only for the songs and nothing else. Shakalaka Shankar’s comedy timing is one of the major highlights of Sapthagiri express and is the only saving element in the second half.  

Bulganin’s music is good. Gautham Raju’s editing is quite disappointing, as there are many scenes in the first half, that deserves trimming for the better finishing. The camera work is just ok. Production values are rich enough. The screenplay has several loose ends, which fails in elevating the film. Director Arun Pawar failed in executing the film, as the proceedings appear boring most of the times. 


Travelling in Sapthagiri Express would be like, buying ticket for a sleeper coach, and standing in the general compartment.

By Phani Ch

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