Renu Desai seems unable to detach with ex-husband?

August 24, 2017


Renu Desai seems is unable to detach with her ex-husband powerstar Pawan Kalyan even after years of separation. However, he continues his life journey with his 3rd wife Anna Lezhneva, a Russian. Although, he is reportedly in regular touch with his children Akira and Aadhya, he never seen mentioning about Renu Desai on any platform.

Renu Desai in her latest interview given to an English daily reveals that she is not only an actor but also a poet and her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan was her first audience for poetry. She said that he used to appreciate and encourage her to continue writing. However, none of her poems were published anywhere until social media enters the country. She said that now and then posting poems written by her in the social media and they are well received by her fans.

Renu Desai twitted “@Pawan Kalyan was first reader to my poetry.”

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