Gautamiputra Satakarni review & rating

January 12, 2017


Rating: 3/5


Satakarni (Balakrishna) aims at ruling the entire country and for this, he goes against several kings, waging wars.  This attitude of Satakarni brings differences with his wife Vasishti (Shriya). 

Satakarni, on the other side, upon his mother Gautami (Hemamalini)'s advise, decides to end his warfare by waging one last war for peace. The process of this story is what shows Gautamiputra Satakarni on the screen.


Krish managed to bring out some huge heroic moments of the emperor Satakarni and that would be a feast for the Nandamuri fans. Though not in deep, Krish only exposed some interesting elements of the ancient king.   

The major highlight of the first half is Satakarni taking his son to the war and his war against Nahapana army. Over 80% of the film is covered in this episode itself. Interval bang is another major attraction of Gautamiputra Satakarni. 

On the other hand, a huge dose of family drama in the second half slows down the pace. Adding to it, a lengthy war scene appears quite boring.

People who wish to know about the King Satakarni, would end up disappointing, as the movie only concentrated on showing the emperor's heroic side. War scenes could have been trimmed to elevate Satakarni's character bit more. Even the songs between Balakrishna and Shriya interrupts the flow.


It is absolutely impossible to imagine any other actor in place of Balakrishna. The Nandamuri hero, just nailed the role of Satakarni. His heroic poses, and acting are on the next level. His command over the language and his dialogue delivery surely brings goosebumps to every Telugu person, apart from the fans. Shriya as a caring mother and helpless wife is decent. Hema Malini's character is limited and not significant.

Chiranthan Bhatt's music goes well, even in the theatre and all the songs are shot well. But he could not make his mark in giving agood background score. The cinematography is one of the major heroes and production values are rich. Sai Madhav Burra's dialogues impact could leave you jaw dropped.

With a limited budget and short span of time, the level of quality, Krish brought, would surely inspire young aspiring filmmakers. 


A Telugu's pride and a perfect landmark film for Balayya.

By Phani Ch

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