Good News for Singareni Employees

September 29, 2017


Singareni employees will receive a bonus on Friday for Dussehra and Diwali festival as ordered by Chief Minister, KCR. Singareni employees to get bonus money today in their bank accounts.

This time, Singareni employees are going to have two bonuses simultaneously with a monthly salary. Chief Minister KCR ordered to pay a bonus of 25 per cent stake in the profits earned in 2016-17 in the case of PLR bonuses, which are usually paid for Diwali.

In this regard, a common bonus for each worker is about Rs. 57,000 in favor of another Rs. 15-20,000. Between 72 and 77,000 bonuses will be coming. Adding their salaries to them, each worker earns at least one lakh rupees.  Why it would not be a bigger festival if one lakh rupees is given a day before the Dussehra festival? They are already overflowing with the joy of this newsletter. There is no need to say for whom they will vote in the Labor Elections on October 5.

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