State funeral was given to Gauri Lankesh

September 06, 2017


Gauri Lankesh (55), the senior journalist of Karnataka was murdered by unidentified persons at the main entrance of her house in Bengaluru on Tuesday night.

Both print and electronic media from all over the country strongly condemned the brutal murder. Media persons all over the country took to roads today strongly protesting her brutal murder.

All political parties, including the ruling Congress of the state strongly condemned the attack. CM siddha Ramaiah has ordered investigation by SIT of the state. Three special police teams have been searching for the culprits. So far, one suspect has been arrested by the police.  

Gauri Lankesh funeral has been conducted with state honors in which CM Siddha Ramaih, his cabinet ministers, MLAs, MPs and many eminent persons from all sections, particularly from media attended.

The Editor’s Guild of India reacting to the brutal attack on her, says “an ominous portent for dissent in democracy and a brutal assault on the freedom of the press.”

Media people all over the country are asking two questions mainly. Is it a sin to question and highlight the wrong practices of the society? Is there no freedom for expression in the country?

Gauri Lankesh has been fighting against radical Hinduism since a long time. Hence, all fingers are pointing at BJP and its associate groups.

However, BJP and the union government also strongly condemned her killing. Union home minister Rajnath Singh asked the state government to nab the culprits and bring them to the books. 

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