Are teachers only responsible for it?

September 05, 2017


Generally, Education Minister is expected to speak positive about the education system particularly about the facilities and the standards in the government schools. But, Minister Kadiyam Sri Hari says that people have lost confidence in government education system. He said it is because of the poor quality of education in the government schools.

He participated in the Teachers’ Day celebrations held at Hanmakonda on Tuesday. Speaking on the occasion, he said “Unless we improve the quality of the education, facilities etc. in the government schools we can’t expect miracles. Hence, I appeal all the teachers to strive hard to improve the standards in the schools. Government decides to give awards to teachers from next year based on their performance only.”

Indeed, the standards of any school solely depend on the teachers’ ability. However, many government schools in the country including Telangana state lacks basic facilities like benches, blackboards, toilets, drinking water, lights and fans. There are several other factors that are badly impacting the standards of the government schools.

For example, several students of government schools in Jougulamba Gadwal district in the state abstain to classes soon after the rain session starts and returns to schools in November as their parents use their services in agriculture sector. It is because of poverty and lack of awareness about the value of education. Hence, government also always has equal responsibility in resolving such issues and upholding the standards in the schools. 

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