Why this kolaveri?

September 05, 2017


A fresh and awkward battle triggered between the ruling TRS and the Congress party in the state after Bhatti Vikramarka announcement of defections from TRS. He said that some ministers and MLAs of the TRS, who are fed up with CM KCR’s style of functioning are in touch with the Congress party and shown interest to join it. He said CM KCR’s popularity graph is falling down rapidly with every passing year. So, the TRS may not even a handful of seats in the next elections.

Obviously, it irks TRS leaders and they sharply reacted immediately. Irrigation Minister Harish Rao asked the Congress leader to stop playing dirty mind games and day dreaming. He asked why anyone will think to board the sinking Congress ship. He said that Congress leaders are playing these dirty mind games as they are in a desperate situation. He says that Congress party may not even win its present seats in the next elections and it may even lose its main opposition party status in the next assembly.

TRS MP Balka Suman also adds some fuel to the fumes. He said “The cold war between PCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy and Bhatti Vikramarka reached its peaks. So, in a bid to divert the focus of the people from it Bhatti comes up with this silly announcement. I consider it as a joke of this millennium. TRS is going to make clean swipe in the next elections, where as Congress may not even win 5 seats. KCR’s popularity graph is steeply rising because of several development and welfare works implemented during the last 3 years.”

Bhatti reacting to them said “We have no differences between us. We all are working together to strengthen our party. It is TRS leaders, who are playing mind games with us and not us. I just told what I came to knew and what is going to happen in near future. But, why they are so startled when they are so sure about their party and leaders’ loyalty?  

I believe people of the state are going to teach good lesson to TRS in the next elections for fooling them all these years.  We are very sure about winning the next elections and coming in power in the state,” said Bhatti Vikramarka.

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