Millennial women crave authenticity, here's why

May 16, 2016


In the present world, the women account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases, and female income worldwide, is over $18 trillion, which no wise business people dare to ignore.

Especially, the spending power of the millennial women, aged between 18 to 35, represent a significant market. Most of the companies are concentrating in gaining the attention of such women. But the approach, companies are following, is in a uniform way, which is failing to make any impact at the modern customers. This is because, the companies are ignoring the fact that, the millennial women are digital natives.

Responding to the issue, Amy Poehler, a millennial women said, “with all the Photoshop and fake stuff, their [young women’s] world is so different from when I grew up. But that makes them crave authenticity — and they’re really good at sniffing it out.”

Millennial women strongly believe that, the marketers are  trying to sell them on impossible ideals, and so stay away from believing the traditional advertising.

Today's women are tired of being manipulated to fit a mold that is shaped by brands for them, and not by them. It’s understandably very hard to sell to a group of people that fundamentally disagree with what you stand for.

Companies targeting to sell their products to women, should stop the unilateral way of presenting women in the media. Millennial women believe that, marketers have the social responsibility to think about this aspect.

Stella McCartney, a popular personality in the fashion industry says, “I have the ability to celebrate my customers, embrace their differences and not just try to create cookie-cutter women. For the next 25 years, I would like fashion design to be more than fashion; for it to encourage people and challenge people to be socially and ethically responsible.”

Millennial women, in search of the authenticity have turned to the online channels. Especially the social media is allowing the women to represent their own ideals of beauty. Posting the photos and videos on the social media is allowing one to tell their own stories and is thus getting the very authenticity they are missing in the commercial advertisements.  

Savvy marketers know that supporting and collaborating with women gives them a competitive advantage. According to the research, women value a broader spectrum of defining themselves. The brands that do not uphold their social responsibility are not going to be as successful as the brands that do.

How the society views and treats the women is what the companies are concentrating while developing the content, but the millennial women are expecting the brands selling to them to be instruments of change. Finally, what is better to the women, is what better to the brand too.

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