Farm living gives health benefits

July 09, 2016


Not just for relax, but the farm life even has several health benefits. 

According to the study conducted by, University of Essex, a walk in nature reduces depression scores by up to 71 percent. But in addition to lifting your spirits, spending time on the farm can have a significant impact on your physical health.

A 2012 University of Bristol study says that, children who grown up on farms have better immune systems than city-raised kids. Healthy immune development can be promoted with the early exposure to the farm animals and other farm related microbes and increases the resistance to the viral respiratory illnesses. Not just children, farm life even has good benefits to adults. It reduces the allergy symptoms in the older ones, the study says.

This is because, the immune systems of people, living and working on a farm are frequently exposed to and strengthened against a wide range of bacteria, pollen, fungi, and other potential allergens. On the contrary, in the urban areas offices, where employees have been overexposed to the antibacterial agents, these micro-organisms and bacteria are reduced.

However, living in cities is inevitable for the better life, but remember farm life is equally important, for long life. So take out a holiday from your busy life and pick up a good farm place, far from the city noises.

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