Alcohol is more dangerous to women

June 22, 2016


Compared to men, consuming Alcohol will show severe affects on women and sometimes may lead to life threat too, the study says. 

Considering it as a status symbol, most of the women consumption has led to an alarm rise. Alcoholism is now being considered as the number one killer disease universally. Compared to the earlier years, the women consumption of alcohol has been increased in the recent items several times higher and unfortunately even the Indian women are not an exception for this. Though the alcoholism is plaguing the whole nation, the social stigma around a woman alcoholic is much greater than around men.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia chronic body pains are the general issues, that is making the women run towards the bottles. They have blackouts and frequent hangovers that cause them to miss work and other normal activities. The liver, intestines and heart could all get affected. The digestive system goes for a complete toss.

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