Mind-boggling Reasons Why We Should Not Share Your Lip Balm!

August 29, 2016


It's so easy to hand your friend your lip gloss or lip balm when she forgets. But is it wise? Definitely not.

Here are some deadly reasons why you should avoid sharing your lip balm.

Bacteria Love Tango:

According to the scientific research, this is one of the most important reasons why one should not share lip balm with others. Human’s lips have extensive blood vessels just under the surface and if we apply on the thin membrane of the lips, it will automatically get passed on to your system through the bloodstream which mainly includes the bacteria.

Viruses Live For Weeks:

Do remember that the viruses live for weeks. Even if it has been a few days, since the lip gloss or lip balm was last used by others, viruses attach themselves onto the lip balm and survive on it for weeks. If the person, who used it earlier, was suffering from cold or fever, they will surely pass it on to you!

Herpes Alert:

Here’s yet another deadly reason to avoid sharing lip balm with each others. If the person, who used your lip balm, has chapped lips or slight break in the skin and she happens to suffer from mouth ulcers, then there will be very good chance you will contract it. And just wiping the lip balm surface and reusing it is not enough. Throw the product away and if you are in a terrible situation, simply slice the top off!

Don't Let Makeup Artists Touch You With Their Lipsticks:

If you are a bride to be, here is a little tip for you! Never, let the makeup person to touch your lips with their lip products. Chances are it has been on 20 other lips before you! The perfect way to act is to use a cotton swab or clean lip brush to apply the lip colour. Now, you can figure out why we insisted sharing lip balm with others is a bad idea?

Well, if the above mentioned reasons did not convince you, here are the fact checks for you to further widen your knowledge on lip products.

Lip balm or lip gloss does not moisture your lips, it just traps the existing moisture to prevent it from getting chapped. Fragrances or flavors used in your lipsticks tend to be synthetic, which slough off the top layer of your lips, leaving it exposed and raw. Camphor that offers a waxy texture to the lip balm tends to be toxic, especially for the children!

We hope this article advised you exactly what happens when you share your lip balm with others.

Be safe and stay healthy!

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