This is why you shouldn’t shower daily

June 26, 2016


It sounds odd, but showering daily has effects, you cannot believe. Let us get into it and beware of the shower next time.

Dr. Casey Carlos, assistant professor of medicine in the division of dermatology at the University Of California San Diego School Of Medicine, says that, soaps remove oils from the skin and thus makes it dry and gets a rough texture.

Carlos says soap should be used only in few places on body like the groin, armpits and feet. Adding further, she says, soap should not be applied on the chest, back legs and arms, as the skin can clean itself.

Scientific reasons

- The top layer of skin is composed of dead skin cells that protect underlying skin layers. It is held together by fats or lipids that are responsible for moisture. This layer will break apart, due to the frequent shower and scrub. 

- Skin will have less time to repair and recover through natural oil production, due to frequent showers.

- It prevents “good” bacteria from growing on your skin, which is beneficial for protecting your skin and body from the infections.

- Frequent showers show negative effect on hair, making it dull and prone to dandruff.  In some cases, hair can become greasy as scalp tries to overcompensate for dryness.

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