World’s largest-power hybrid locomotive launched

January 13, 2017


The most powerful oil-electricity hybrid locomotive was started in an experiment in extreme cold weather in northeast China, said manufacturing company CRRC Ziyang Co Ltd.

According to the reports, when the local temperature was minus 40 degrees Celsius, the experiment was conducted in Hulunbuir in the north of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The temperature, despite the extreme cold weather, was 25 degrees celsius and the batteries showed 12 degrees celsius, suitable for the operation.

Chairman of the company based in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, Xiang Jun said that the latest experiment marked the end of a series of experiments for the hybrid locomotives. The locomotive on January 7th, carried out the experiment successfully, in minus 30 degrees celsius temperature, in northeast China. Xiang says that, the Hybrid locomotives are environment friendly, energy-saving and less noisy.

The successful experiments proved that, the hybrid locomotive can run in environment with different temperatures.

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