Michelle Obama opts Indian-American girl for education campaign

January 06, 2017


16-year-old Indian-American Swetha Prabakaran has been selected by US First Lady Michelle Obama, to serve in the inaugural Student Advisory Board of an education campaign which seeks to provide educational opportunities for American teenagers.

Recognizing Swetha’s efforts in educating youth in the field of computer sciences, she was chosen for 'Better Make Room' campaign.

In 1998, Swetha’s parents immigrated from Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli. Born in Indianapolis, Swetha is one among 17 students selected by the White House to serve on the campaign. She is the only Indian-American in the list. Swetha as a CEO, also runs a non-profit body called “Everybody Code Now”, to empower the next generation of youth to become engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The inaugural Board has 12 high school students and five college students. Two-thirds of the Board members are, or will be, the first in their families to attain a post-secondary degree. 

“As proven leaders, organizers, changemakers, and innovators, these students will help the country achieve President (Barack) Obama's North Star goal, that our nation will once again lead the world in college completion rates,” Better Make Room said in a statement.

The board, founded by Michelle will work to create a college-going, college-persisting and college-graduating culture at their schools, while connecting fellow students for any information and resources they need. 

Swetha shared her feelings about the board, saying, “I am deeply honored to be able to serve on this board. Creating a college-going and college-graduating culture among youth is something we have worked to encourage through 'Everybody Code Now!', and I am extremely excited to share this passion with even more students. I look forward to working with The First Lady's Reach Higher Initiative and my fellow Better Make Room Student Advisory members to encourage more students to pursue higher education.”

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