Zika virus may not infect a person twice

October 15, 2016


According to the new research it was found that, Zika fever would not infect the same person for the second time. 

"The research shows that infection provides excellent protection against reinfection," said one of the researchers Stephen Higgs, Director of the Biosecurity Research Institute, at Kansas State University in the US.

"This means people infected during this current epidemic will likely not be susceptible again. When a large proportion of the population is protected -- known as herd immunity -- the risk of future epidemics may be low," Higgs said.

According to the researchers, re-infection of six animals 45 days after primary infection with a heterologous strain resulted in complete protection, suggesting that, the primary Zika virus infection elicits protective immunity. Zika virus is present in the blood very early during infection and remains in some tissues for a long time but is only briefly present in other tissues, other findings revealed.

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