Are these RBI's new Rs. 2,000 notes?

November 07, 2016


A Twitterati shared the pictures of Rs. 2000 currency notes, claiming that it was released by Reserve Bank of India.

Reportedly, RBI has already completed preparations for introducing this high-value note into the Indian market soon. But there is no clarity on whether the pink colour notes circulating on the social media are true or not.

Another report proved that, the notes have already been printed at the printing press in Mysuru and were already being dispatched. However, there is no official confirmation from either the government or RBI.

Currently, the highest denomination under circulation is Rs 1,000. While there are demands to demonetize Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 currency notes to eradicate black money, it should be seen Rs. 2000 currency note would be accepted by the people.

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