Cheese improves wine taste- Study

October 21, 2016


According to the researchers, eating cheese enhances the bouquet and flavor of wine.

31 people participated in the research, who were asked to take sample glasses of  pacherenc, sancerre, burgundy and madiran both on their own and in various combinations with four cheeses – soft and hard cow's milk cheeses, a goat's cheese and a blue Roquefort. They were then asked to report on their perceptions of the taste and aroma.

“The results showed cheese changed all the wines, and made most more enjoyable. None of the four cheeses had a negative impact on any of the wines”, the sources said.

Red wines tended to be specially improved by a cheese accompaniment, with drinkers of the full-bodied burgundy and madirans saying they noticed that the aroma of red fruits was stronger after eating cheese.

According to lead researcher Mara Galmarini, all four had “the same effect” when paired with the wines. “In short, when having a plate of assorted cheeses, the wine will probably taste better no matter which one they choose,” she said.

Past studies into the connection have posited that the fat in cheese acts as a lubricant and counteracts the often unpleasant dry sensation left in the mouth by tannin-rich wine.

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