Donald Trump- USA's new President

November 09, 2016


Finally, Donald Trump won the American Presidential election and he will be the 45th  President of United States of America.

No one was actually sure about the victory, until just before few hours of elections, as the numbers are so close between Trump and Hillary. While the presidential candidate is required to get 270 seats, crossing the threshold,  Trump surprisingly won 266 seats, and with a huge difference, Hillary had to stop at 218 itself. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Trump on electing as the new president of USA and also opined that the ties between India and America would be strengthened.

Mr. Trump addresses a gathering at Trump Towers. "I congratulated Hillary for a hard fought campaign, we owe her a debt of gratitude. Time to bind the wounds, come together," he says. 

Says it's "time for us to come together," pledges to be president "for all Americans." He tells them "we'll renew the American dream" and promises to put "millions of our people to work as we rebuild this country."  

He ended the speech saying, “our work on this new movement is really beginning.”

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