MCM’s miniature dolls go adorable

November 17, 2016


Started in 2014, My Cute Mini (MCM), creates customized miniature replica dolls made of synthetic ceramic. It took no time for these miniatures to grab the big market. The orders are pouring in from several places across India.

“The most common occasions for which we get orders are weddings and birthdays,” says Sri Hari Charan, an artist and co-founder of MCM. 

Before MCM, Hari and his team used to work on stone sculptures for home interiors. “The carving and chiseling are different in both materials, that is in stone and clay. But people are more interested in the miniature form because it is more life-like,” he adds.

Chiseling stone also takes a longer time than doing the same with clay. To complete one figure, it takes around 10 days and for delivering the same, it would take another 5 to 6 weeks. 

Currently, there are only 8 members in the team and so they are accepting only 200 orders per month. One of the sculptors says that making miniature dolls is not really tough, but needs some practice.

Chennai based MCM prepares the dolls, based on the customer’s choice of picture. Currently, the mini dolls with readymade body models and a customized head come at a price of Rs 4,000, whereas for the fully customized ones people will have to shell out Rs 4250. The figurines also come with a warranty.

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