'Even US would think twice before messing with us': China warns India!

December 22, 2016


The official media of China, today warned India to stay away from using the Dalai Lama “card”, saying New Delhi should stop behaving like a "spoilt kid" and learn lessons from how China handled Donald Trump after the US President-elect challenged 'One-China' policy.

"Sometimes, India behaves like a spoilt kid, carried away by the lofty crown of being 'the biggest democracy in the world.' India has the potential to be a great nation, but the country's vision is shortsighted," an article in the state-run Global Times said.

It said India "should draw some lessons from the recent interactions between Beijing and Trump over Taiwan."

"After putting out feelers to test China's determination to protect its essential interests, Trump has met China's restrained but pertinent countermeasures, and must have understood that China's bottom line - sovereign integrity and national unity - is untouchable," the paper said.

The article did not detail about the counter measures. But China, along with protesting to Donald Trump over his phone call to the Taiwanese President and his comments questioning One-China policy, also seized an “unmanned underwater vehicle” in the disputed South China Sea, the first such incident in the area.

Subsequently, the drone was returned after protests from the US and Trump, an incident seen as an attempt by China to flex its muscles ahead of the President-elect taking over office in January. Chinese navy ship seized a drone operated by a US survey vessel in the South China Sea.

“Even the US would have to think twice before it messes with China on such sensitive problems, so what makes India so confident that it could manage?,” the article indirectly warned India, which is going to Mongolia’s assistance by granting USD 1 billion aid after Beijing imposed a blockade in retaliation to Ulaanbaatar hosting Dalai Lama last month despite China protests.

The Mongolian Ambassador to India had sought New Delhi's support to overcome China's counter measures. However, the Mongolian government has given in and pledged that it will never invite Dalai Lama again.

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