NATA: Vote for Sreedhar Gudala

November 21, 2016


North American Telugu Association (NATA), one of the popular Telugu associations outside India, is aimed at serving the Telugus staying outside the country.

Sreedhar Gudala is associated with the organization since long and is even the Life Member of it. He is even the founding President of Athmeeya Seva Organization-India currently, held NATA-Regional Coordinator, NATA-Regional Vice President-PA, National Student’s Union-India General Secretary, SWO-USA, National-Coordinator, Telugu Association of Greater Delaware Valley Executive-Member and Community Services Lead at Sai Temple- PA-USA & TDF-USA and VTA-USA Vice-Chair.

Below is the detailed profile of Mr Sreedhar Gudala:

NATA activities (Participated/supported/organized):

 - He conducted, on behalf of the association, several memberships and awareness drives at Bawarchi PA, Sai Temple-PA, Atlantic City-NJ, Edison-NJ etc.

- Cricket and Volleyball tournaments through NATA

- Also contributed for several events like NATA-ROJU, NATA-Mega Health Fairs, NATA-Sports, NATA-SEVADAYs, and NATA-Conventions, NATA-IDOLs etc.

- Supported different community needs

- NATA Fund Raising events for Conventions, Community Activities etc

- NATA Health Camps and NATA-days, women’s day, yoga, job fairs, immigration & tax counseling events.

Other Activities:

- Helped victims of unprecedented floods in Krishna basin, by raising the funds.

- Merit students from 12 districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and also 81 poor orphan students across the country, got educational assistance from Mr Sreedhar.

- Also adopted a village in AP, and provided purified water, better health, education and made it a Model Village.

- He is even the man behind first Manabadi center and other Telugu centres in PA to provide a place to learn Telugu language.

- Supported in launching HIGH-TECH weavers manufacturing unit, which generates lakhs per month currently for the Poor.

-  Provided blankets to old, widows and disabled people in India.

- Conducted several Health Camps, eye, Blood Camps, Job Fairs, Career Guidance &Awareness programs in India and USA.

- Participated in the 50 km walk (Siddipet to Vemulawada) to stop suicides and got AAY-cards approval for almost 2000 weavers from the Indian government.

Promises to fulfill, after electing to the NATA Board of Directors:  

- Undertakes more community services and cultural programmes for the Telugu communities.

- Help senior citizens, orphans and disabled community friends.

- Helping school children in areas of distress such as bullying and dealing with peer pressure. 

- Builds toilets and provides education facilities to the children in both the Telugu states.

- With the intention of helping the communities, Mr Sreedhar aims to conduct seminars on Financial Planning, Education planning, immigration, jobs etc. 

So the necessity of making such biggie explore even more high endeavors is anyway there. Here is what we can do, to support him. In the upcoming board of elections in NATA, let us vote for Sreedhar Gudala.  

By the end of this month, i.e, 30th November, ballots will be mailed to all the NATA Life members, to their homes.

Note: Voters are requested to vote for all the four candidates, including Mr Sreedhar Gudala and only then, the ballot will be valid. 

For more information about Mr Sreedhar Gudala, check out his official website

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