Hajj pilgrims should wear E-bracelets now

July 02, 2016


Muslim pilgrims joining Hajj in Saudi Arabia this year, will have to wear an electronic safety bracelet (E-bracelets). This initiative has been taken, keeping in mind the stampede, which took away 2297 lives, last year.

These water resistant E-bracelets are connected to a GPS location system and store each pilgrim’s personal information, including address and medical records. Adding to it, over 800 surveillance cameras have been installed at Mecca’s Grand Mosque.

Every year, the hajj and lesser Umrah pilgrimages bring millions of Muslims to Saudi Arabia. Last year, the tragedy took place as the pilgrims made their way in searing temperatures to the Jamarat, the place where they ritually stone the devil in the city of Mina in western Saudi Arabia.

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