NRIs in US seeking support

December 09, 2016


It’s a dream for most of the Indians to go out of the country and grow financially. But it’s equally important to have all kinds of support in unforeseen incidents. Otherwise, staying outside the homeland would be tough. There are many cases in the past, where NRIs faced tough time in the serious situations. Proving it another time, here are a few of the cases, where NRIs in the recent times are battling with life and is in serious support from the people from any corner of the world. 

Sunil Athyam

Sunil, an active volunteer in Saibaba temple in Redmond, WA, was walking next to the swimming pool and somehow slipped into it. As he doesn’t know to swim, he drowned in the pool. His wife, who is again a non-swimmer, jumped into the pool and ended up drowning again. One of their friends managed to save both. 

But currently, according to the doctors, Sunil’s brain cells were dead and his condition is serious. $150k is needed to bring him back to the homeland from Hawaii and another 200k for his medical expenses. The couple is lacking any support in Hawaii.  

So they are is bad need of financial support. The donors from any part of the world are requested to donate. 

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Ratnakar Settipalli 

In another case, Ratnakar Settipalli and his family met with a road accident, while they were driving down I-44 West bound, when they were hit head on by a car coming in the opposite direction. Ratnakar’s wife Sushma Settipalli and Mahidhar (4) were pronounced dead on the spot. 

On the other side, Ratnakar had a surgery for a punctured artery and he is recovering in the ICU. His daughter, Keerthana Settipalli (5) and three others (uninsured) survived with injuries and are undergoing  surgeries. Ratnakar and the 3 others have to be in the hospital for a few weeks. 

As Ratnakar’s entire family is in India, arrangements are being made to send his wife and son’s dead bodies to the homeland. There would be several other unforeseen expenses for which the donors are requested to come forward. 

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Bijesh had to end his life in a road accident on November 28th. His friends, out of great difficulty, managed to send his dead body to his village in Kerala. But his wife and two kids (10 and 7 year old) is now facing a huge financial difficulty. So the donors are requested to support the family financially.

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Shiva Inampudi

Shiva Chakradhar (Chakri) Inamapudi met with a tragic accident on I-88 in Naperville, IL on December 2nd. The accident took place when Chakri took a taxi from the airport and was about 20 minutes away from his home.

Reportedly, the tax was in the wrong direction, which made Chakri had a head on collision and thus end his life. His wife Prathima and son Pranav is now in a need of support from the people. Money collected will be directly sent to his wife Prathima Inampudi, who is the beneficiary.

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Rajesh Omtri

Rajesh Omtri, a post-doctoral fellow, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, and he underwent a major surgery to remove the primary tumor followed by multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Due to the severe bleeding, the surgery turned complicated and the chemotherapy failed to tackle the tumor. 

Currently, Rajesh is in the University of Minnesota hospitals. His wife and two children (7 years and 2 years old), is finding tough to meet the medical expenses.

Rajesh, with many dreams went to US and conducted cutting edge research on developing methods for the early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Not only through his research, but he also contributed through the support he provided to the graduate students in university laboratory. 

He successfully completed two Ph.D theses from the University of Minnesota. On one side, he took care of his family, by working full time in college of pharmacy lab, and on other side, he even pursued his part time Ph.D and successfully defended his thesis last year.

In spite of his immense struggles, his family is not in a position to reap the benefits of his contributions to the scientific community. So the need of supporting the family is anyway there.

Click to donate to Rajesh Omtri’s family

To tackle the unforeseen incidents in the foreign countries, people need to keep in mind few things, as mentioned below. 

- Firstly, life insurance and medical insurance is one immediate thing, people should take, so that the beneficiaries would be left with a handsome amount in hand, even when the family head faces an unforeseen incident.

- Spouse name should be added to the bank accounts, so that both have equal rights on the accounts, even when one of them goes absent.

- Writing a will is another important step to protect your loves ones, throughout their life.

- Even taking membership in the NRI associations is necessary, as several NRIs would support in the emergency situations.

- Adding to the above, offering support the fellow NRIs is another good gesture, so that you can expect similar support in your unforeseen situations.

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