Hindu temples ban non veg currency notes

December 07, 2016


While the demonetization scheme is still worrying the Indians, Hindus in the UK have banned the new five-pound notes as it allegedly contains the traces of animal fat. According to the reports, these notes contain tallow, which comes from beef or mutton fat.

Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK's largest Hare Krishna temples, says it will not accept the new currency notes. “The new note ceases to be a simple medium of exchange, but becomes a medium for communicating pain and suffering and we would not want to come into contact with it,” the statement released by the National Council of Hindu Temples reads.

Adding to it, an umbrella body of Hindu organizations, the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB), also issued a statement urging people to sign a petition to withdraw the notes and avoid its use in donations.  

Not only the devotional places, even a vegetarian cafe in the university town of Cambridge refused to accept the new notes. In a quick reaction, the Bank of England says it is now looking into ways of removing the substance from the supply chain.

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