KCR, Naidu to meet tomorrow!

January 31, 2017


As there are several issues in the Telugu states, that could find a solution, only with the mutual support of the officials of both states- Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the dual state Chief Ministers have been called up for a special meeting to be headed by the Governor Narasimhan in Hyderabad, tomorrow.  

The meeting has been aimed to find a solution to long-pending issues between the two states that have arisen after the bifurcation of the states. Sharing of the river water, High Court division and several such issues would come into the discussion tomorrow and the suitable solutions will be sorted out with the consent of both the CMs.

While Narasimhan is touted to be favorable to KCR, it should be seen, how the things would come in favor of both the Telugu states. 

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