Panchayats proactive in Telangana

January 31, 2017


Keeping in mind, the problems Telanganites faced in the rural areas last year, due to the water scarcity, the Panchayat officials are preparing a special action plan.

Regarding this, the Hyderabad water Board will supply water to several rural areas in the state in the Summer. This water would be supplied through the tankers in the required places.

Due to the increasing population in the villages like Rampally, Nagaram, Dammaiguda in Medchal, the water requirement is identified to be heavy. So the Sarpanches of these villages are queuing up at the water boards to submit the request letters seeking the water.

It is to be appreciated that the Panchayat officials are proactive, citing the issues in their villages, on the beforehand and sorting out the solutions for it.

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